Life: a definition of terms
a book of haiku poetry

Rachel Toalson

Rachel’s first book, This is How You Know, was a collection of poetry published in 2015. In 2017 she provided her loyal poetry fans with another poetry book, Life: a definition of terms, that combines both haiku poetry and art in twenty-seven hand-lettered pages sprinkled between the poems.

That same year Rachel launched her Crash Test Parents series, publishing three hilarious books in one year. Each book represents a unique collection of her best humor parenting essays on raising her six rowdy boys.

The Wing Chair Musings series represents Rachel’s memoir/personal essay writing. The first book in the series is scheduled to publish sometime in 2018.

Rachel’s blog, launched in 2014, is the digital hub of her writings, offering fans a weekly dose of humor, poetry, and personal essay/memoir.

Parenthood: Has Anyone Seen My Sanity?

The Life-Changing Madness of Tidying Up After Children

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Life: a definition of terms – a book of haiku poetry

This is How You Know – a book of poetry

R.L. Toalson


The Colors of the Rain, Rachel’s first traditionally published novel, is a historical middle grade novel-in-verse set against the backdrop of the Houston School District’s 1972 desegregation battle. It tells the story of a boy coming to terms with the changes in his life and town and examines the question of what it means to be a human family. The book is set for publication in fall 2018.

Rachel writes her traditionally published books under R.L. Toalson because she likes the way initials look in print. And, also, she likes the distinction it creates between the books she writes for adults and the books she writes for children and teenagers.

The R.L. Toalson web site can be found here: http://www.rltoalson.com/

L.R. Patton


The Fairendale series is a middle grade epic fantasy series that explores the world of fairy tales, dragons, sorcerers, and other magical creatures. The world of Fairendale revolves around villains and heroes—all on a quest for what they believe is right. Throughout the series, the story of King Willis of Fairendale is woven into the story of his son, Prince Virgil, heir to the throne, and fairy tale children fleeing for their lives—children who become what we know as fairy tale villains, for one good reason or another.

Looking for a way to publish books faster than the traditional publishing world can publish them, Rachel began the pen name L.R. Patton in 2016, with the publication of the first book in the Fairendale series, The Treacherous Secret.

Eight Fairendale books have since followed in 2016 and 2017.

The L.R. Patton web site can be found here: http://www.lrpatton.com/

The Treacherous Secret

The King’s Pursuit

This Perilous Crossing

The Dragons of Morad

The Fiery Aftermath

The Mysterious Separation

This Boy Who Spun Gold

The Boy Who Robbed the Rich