If you ever want to know how much you don’t know, just spend about a minute with a kid.

Do you think there were rattlesnakes in the water?
No. Water moccasins, maybe.

Are they poisonous?

Do they just bite you if you’re in the water, or do they have to have a reason?
I think if you disturb the nest they’ll bite you [this information comes from an episode of “Lonesome Dove” that I remember my mother watching when I was a child. I was slightly traumatized by it.]

Where do they nest—in the shallow water or the deep end?
I don’t know.

How many nest together?
I don’t know.

Do they have families?
I don’t know.

Can you describe them to me?
How long does it take them to have babies?
How many babies do they have?
Do they lay eggs?
Are the eggs waterproof?

Turns out, I don’t know very much at all.