five minute checkins
tag-teaming to bedtime
open communication
on nights kids
actually go to sleep
before your bedtime

a kiss every time
you leave the house
and when you return
some longer than others

a locked door
the nights you just
need time alone
without guilt
clinging to the sheets

dishes done for one
notes left for another
because you love

staying on the same side
no matter what
engaging arguments
that don’t always resolve
but knowing you’re not
going anywhere

choosing good assumptions
choosing forgiveness
choosing love

falling into bed
at the end of a long day
with arms that
wrap and hold
and set the world
right again

weekends away
just the two of you
so you remember why
you fell in love
in the first place

this is how
you stay married
after children

This is an excerpt from This is How You Know: a book of poetry. For more poetry, visit my starter library, where you can get some for free.