How to Survive a Year

How to Survive a Year is a collection of funny and a few serious essays (delivered in a series of emails) that will, at the least, make you laugh and, at best, help you feel less alone in your parenting journey. It’s not easy raising kids. Laughter and solidarity can drag us back to hope and love and, some days, survival–because that’s the best we can do sometimes. You’re not alone. It’s not easy (like I said). So let’s make this fun.


Here’s a breakdown of the essays:

-10 Parenting Goals I Will Accomplish this Year
-Parenting is Like Living in an Insane Asylum
-What It’s Like Having More Than One Kid
-When the Environmentalist is on Trash Duty
-Things Kids Will Never Understand
-Dear Concerned Reader: As Far As I Know My Vag Doesn’t Drag the Floor
-A Dad is Not a Babysitter or a Helper. He’s a Parent.
-A Dad Knows What He’s Doing. We Should Just Let Him Do It.
-Do I Ever Feel Like Giving Up? Every Other Minute.
And many more.
-Parenting Feels Hard Because We’re Doing It Right
-Sleep While the Baby Sleeps and Other Unhelpful Advice
-What It Takes to Be Beautiful
-Children Love in Invisible Ways
-Cinder-Mama is a Real Person. She is Me.
-The Humble-Bragging Newsletter You Never Knew You Wanted