Below is a feed of all of my writings, fiction and nonfiction, ordered by posting date.

Wishes: a poem

I stood on a hill, a dandelion in my hand. The wind lifted the first feathery petals from the stem, and for a moment, they stared at me, my wishes twirling on air. I released the rest of them, sent my white wishes wherever it is wishes go.

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A Required Reading List for My White Sons

I’m raising six sons who will one day become white men. What with the climate of our country and the ripples of racism that have begun to creep from half-concealed corners, I have compiled a list of required reading for my sons that will teach them about both black...

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How to Be a Man: 2 Poems

How to Be a Man don’t cry don’t feel don’t talk don’t give your heart away completely don’t serve your family but lead with authority power force shut up lock away never be free completely make money forget those old dreams now there is responsibility grow up suck it...

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