Below is a feed of all of my writings, fiction and nonfiction, ordered by posting date.

8:07 a.m.: 7 Haiku About Twins

8:07:03 Five minutes of not paying attention and they’re tearing up the house. 8:07:12 Two minutes after they sit down with a toy they’re done. It’s exhausting. 8:07:15 If they would listen to instructions, life would be easier for them. 8:07:16 If they would listen...

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How Boys Fight: Incessantly

I was not a physical child. Some might say this is most likely because I was a girl, but I also didn’t get angry all that often—at least not angry enough to hit. I do remember hitting my sister once and only once, when we were teenagers and she said something that...

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Life: a Poem

The petals fall: the wind twirls them toward blades that bend and straighten, a world off-center It is a hatchet: information, unwanted It will change everything a future unmade And yet: in the hollowed out, exhumed earth a seed opens, a bloom unfolds a brilliant...

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On Joy: an Essay

Just a few days ago, I got a precious letter from a reader, thanking me for one of my essays. She found it because she was looking, because she’d just lost two babies, twins, and she needed some comfort. I have written many versions of this story, about the daughter...

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