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On Kindness, Empathy and the State of the World

It’s a hard world out there, isn’t it? I’m feeing a little beaten down by it this week. Insults and fury seem to have traded places with kindness and empathy. Sometimes I feel so discouraged by it all that I don’t want to emerge from my safe shell. But then I remember...

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A Fascinating Book on Creativity, Management, and Pixar

I recently finished the audiobook of Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand In the Way of True Inspiration, by Ed Catmull, who is the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation. It was inspiring look at the creative processes behind both...

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Meet Rachel

I have always had two dreams in life: to write books and to sing songs. One of the lucky ones, I get to do both. A journalist by trade, I craft my stories and essays and songs by night, after children are put to bed. My six little boys are live-in muses, as is my husband, whom I have loved madly (sometimes, literally, madly) for 12 years.
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