Dear Firstborn Son: You Were the First

It was not just you who were born nine years ago. It was me, too. You and I, we share a birthday—yours a coming into the world, mine a coming into a whole new world made more alive and colorful and lovely because of you.

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Everything You Need to Know for an Effective Book Launch

Even if our projects won’t be done for a couple of months or a year, the sooner we can get a landing page up and start generating interest in it, the better our launch will end up going. What I’ve learned most from my process is that even when I’m in the rough draft writing stage, I need to be thinking about how I’ll be marketing my book.

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Cinder-Mama is a Real Person. She is Me.

I tried to be in two places at once one time, and I ended up feeling resentful and angry that they would ask me to do so many things at the same time even though there was only one of me and six of them.

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Family on Purpose:

January – We Embrace Wisdom. Spiritual Maturity. Humility

The first book in a monthly series releasing December 2, 2015.

In this first episode in the Family on Purpose series, Rachel opens up her journals, and, essentially, her family life to the eyes of her readers in ways that lets them stand in unashamed solidarity and whisper, “me too.” With essays about failed expectations, overcoming victim mentality and the pride that comes before a hard fall and how we can find courage enough to rise again, this first episode in the Family on Purpose series promises hope and encouragement to readers who turn that last page.

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This is How You Know: a book of poetry – $3.99

In This is How You Know, Rachel Toalson turns ordinary moments into poetry. Her poems about children, friendship, love, anxiety, gender expectations, fear, struggle, hope, and so much more capture everyday life with humor, irony and all the seriousness that turns poetry into a window to the world. She gives her readers the gift of presence, and hopes, in her own words, that “we find ourselves in each other.”

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Meet Rachel

I have always had two dreams in life: to write books and to sing songs. One of the lucky ones, I get to do both. A journalist by trade, I craft my stories and essays and songs by night, after children are put to bed. My six little boys are live-in muses, as is my husband, whom I have loved madly (sometimes, literally, madly) for 12 years.
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