Author, poet, humorist, avid reader.

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On Fairy Tales, Mythology, and the Importance of Stories

For the last several months, I’ve been obsessively researching fairy tales, myths, and stories. I’ve started at the beginning—traced the stories all the way back to the oral tradition, before scribes wrote them down. And what I’ve found has been profound. Again and...

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A Sweet YA Book About Immigration, Choices, and Love

I picked up The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon, a few months ago because I kept seeing it everywhere—in friends’ tweets, on book store display shelves, and in the hands of someone in the coffee shop. The cover reminds me of when I used to play for hours with my...

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You’re not the only one going crazy.

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Life: a definition of terms
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Meet Rachel

I have always had two dreams in life: to write books and to sing songs. One of the lucky ones, I get to do both. A journalist by trade, I craft my stories and essays and songs by night, after children are put to bed. My six little boys are live-in muses, as is my husband, whom I have loved madly (sometimes, literally, madly) for 12 years.
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