All That Came After


Jesse is an old writer who writes no longer, not since his wife died fifteen years ago and he locked himself away from the world. Jemma is his sister, who has raised his son while running a successful bakery she’s about to hand over to her daughter. Jackson is a 15-year-old boy who has never known his dad, only the aunt who stepped in.

When Jackson tries to hang himself in his and Jesse’s home, Jemma intervenes, sending her nephew to a mental hospital and entreating her brother to come back to life. Jesse wakes up, realizing he must be the one who saves his son, but his waking uncovers family secrets that may prove to break them all apart for good.

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Speak: Creative Practices in Brevity

speak-cover Speak: Creative Practices in Brevity is the first book in a series of fiction in 40 words. Each installment begins with a picture and ends with 40 words written about a world of Rachel’s imagination. These brevity practices got Rachel back into writing fiction, proving that so much could be said in just a few words, and so much could be done in a limited amount of time.

Brevity practices not only allow writers to consistently work on their craft when they are time-crunched, but they also remind writers of the importance of every single word. Every word counts in these 40-word installments. Rachel challenges herself to three installments every week to continuously sharpen her writing.

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Crash Test Parents

crash-test-parentsCrash Test Parents is a place where we can share the highs and lows of parenting, where we can celebrate the glorious beauty and maddening craziness of raising children. We share our real-life experiences, in hopes that you will realize you’re not alone in your trenches, either.
We post three times a week. Messy Monday is typically a looks-like-six-tornadoes-live-in-this-home or a look-what-my-kid-destroyed-this-week or a here’s-how-they’re-rearranging-my-heart photo. On Wednesdays, we write about a parenting experience or something we’re learning about our children. On Fridays we collect our best-of quotes so we can laugh all through the weekend. Because kids are hilarious, and sometimes we just need a good laugh to make it through our weekend with no school or child care.
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Wing Chair Musings

wing-chair-musingsIn the corner of her bedroom, Rachel has a wing chair. Every morning and every afternoon, she sits in this chair, opens one of her dozen writing notebooks and just writes. Sometimes those writings find their way into nonfiction books. Sometimes they find their way into fiction stories. Sometimes they become poetry or pieces of a memoir or letters she may or may not send.

They are all her wing chair musings, but only a portion of them are shared here, in her blog. On this page, she writes of life and love and parenting and anything else that strikes her fancy.

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Meet Rachel



Well, hello there.

(This is me, pictured with my good-looking husband.)

I am a wife. Mother. Writer. Editor. Musician.

When I turned 4, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, “A writer and a singer.” (At least that’s what she tells me.) One of the lucky ones, I now live the life of both.

A journalist by trade, I craft my stories and essays and songs by night, after children are put to bed. My six little boys are live-in muses, as is my husband, whom I have loved madly (sometimes, literally, madly) for more than a decade.

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On My Shelf:

On my shelf 6.21.15

On my shelf 6.21.15

A children’s research book, a writing book and the newest in one of my favorite children’s series are on my shelf this week.

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